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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Engineering Surveying-2

Written by | Azeem

A Leading chapters

1. Curves and types of curves
  • All types of curves.
  • Curves used in construction of roads and freeways.
2. Surveying Drafting and computing
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Excavation properties during construction.
3. Control Surveying
Control survey; very important for both an Engineer as well as contractor.
4. Hydroscopic Survey
Docks and harbor constructions.
5. Construction survey
Fundamental concepts about
  • Construction
  • Layouting
6. Photogrammetry
Ariel photographic surveying for a huge area that is to be surveyed.
7. Global positioning system (GPS)
  • Important role
  • Functions
  • Details

B How to prepare

Engineering Surveying is a scoring subject. For getting maximum marks in this subject you just need to follow the instruction that is given by your class teacher. Keep focusing on theory as well as numerical and you will get maximum score in this subject.

C How to Attempt the Paper

1. Always attempt theory question first because they give you solid marks in short time. This gives you satisfaction before solving the rest of the paper.
2. Attempt those questions which have only one or two parts.
3. First try those sections of the paper which you can solve easily without wasting your golden time.
Important Questions and numerical
1. Horizontal and Vertical curves numerical
2. Area calculation and volume calculations
3. Polaris and related numerical
4. Photogrammetry
5. Hydroscopic surveying
6. Geocentric and geodetic coordinates system numerical

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