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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Linear Algebra and Differentiation Paper

Written by | Arif Samoon
This paper is a difficult pill to swallow for those who do not study from their lecture copy. For those who do, it is a walk in the park.

As much as half of the paper comes from solved examples of class work. The problem is that it is difficult to remember all the numericals  if one does not have an understanding of the subject. For most people, Lectures on Linear Algebra sound like french on first read.  Each line is full of data, saturated  with not-so-obvious rules.
Hence the notes you make should be tidy and have all the little tips the teacher provides in his talk. After this all you have to do is cover 3 core topics before the preps start. You can easily do the remaining 2 topics in the 3 day gap for the exam. You attempt five questions, and they award you 75 marks.
Time waits for noneHere's the deal: From January to July, work on Section A, that is Differential Equations. From July onwards, things become complicated. There are vivas, sessionals, and workbooks. And in between, squeezed and torn, are you. Hence, there is nothing new or outstanding that you can do after vacations. For the first time in your life, you witness time flying.

Casio Calculator
Before you know it, preps have arrived. Make a schedule and give at least 2 hrs a week to  Linear Algebra and  Differential Equations (LADE). In this time you work on Section B: Matrices, Fourier series and Vector Spaces. Usually, 2 questions arrive from Matrices, and they are the easiest of all LADE problems. One can always check the answers from a standard calculator. Fourier and Vector spaces carry 2 questions. Both are very easy, but choose either, not both. Remember, time is flying!
Last moment
Maybe, as you read this, tomorrow is the eve of your LADE exam. I would say that you have indeed met the right guy. Here are the 3 last minute tips for the exam:

    1. Quickly and neatly, solve all those problems which you are confident about. Leave lots of blank space for parts you are unsure about.
    2. Now return to the parts you are unsure about. You might feel that the horror begins. For some it really does begin, for others, it doesn't. The trick is to ask the invigilator about the questions you are unsure about. Remember to give a blank look and to say that you only want a hint to get going. Voila! The invigilator (also known as The Genius; The Angel and what not), blurts out all the steps.
    3. You are on tip #3 because the invigilator has failed to give a hint. You are in the dreaded worst-case-scenario. Just re-write the the question and produce a formula or two. Show some work, be it out of context. As a policy of leniency, 2 to three marks are awarded for each effort.Hottest topics

Below is a list of LADE's hottest topics:
  • Section A                                                                 (Attempt min. 2 Questions)

      1. Orthogonal Trajectories                                        (08 marks)  Easy
      2. Formation of Differential Equations                  (08 marks)
      3. Linear Differential Equations                              (16 marks)
      4. Partial Differential Equations                             (16 marks)

  • Section B                                                                (Attempt min. 2 Questions)

      1. Inverse of Matrix                                                     (08 marks)  Easy
      2. Eigen Value and Eigen Vectors                           (16 marks)  Easy
      3. Fourier Series                                                           (16 marks)
      4. Vector Spaces                                                           (16 marks)

The bottomline is that LADE is a scoring subject if one choses the easier questions and works on them from Day 1.
About the Author
Arif Samoon is a Second Year student in Urban Engineering. He is also the editor of this blog.

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  1. hmmm..gud one... and straight to the point..this blog would be very informative for the freshers!
    As for me I studied calculus, business maths,algebra as a seperate courses in my BBA program.
    Because I have never been good at maths, what I recommend is to start from the day one.No matter how hard the course is,If you dont let it pile up.you will score good marks!

  2. em very pleasd to read that i must thankful to you ppl for such a informative knowledge ....

  3. @Azeem: Welcome to Urban Airs. Yes the whole idea of this website is to show the world how cool and intelligent we Urban Engineers are.

    Waiting for you to contribute with your voice.

    @Aamir Shah: Interesting to note that you read through my article on how to pass LADE, even though you are doing BBA.


    I shall reciprocate your act of kindness on your website.

    And yes, maths and all is tough for those who don't practice. So people like us need not worry.


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