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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Change of Technology: Waqas

Written by | Hafiz Waqas Naeem

The topic concerning this discussion is Change of Technology, COT. I want to give some information related to it. Change of technology means that a student of first year from any discipline may transfer from one department to another.


A The Advantages


First of all, I want to describe some advantages of COT. One of the biggest advantage of COT is that it gives fame and fortunes to the students who have basic interest in any discipline, but for the time being, or upon merit, they are not able to occupy their field of interest. I shall explain this phenomenon by giving you the example of myself.

When I joined NED University, I was not able to get a seat in the Civil department, although my interest was to become a Civil engineer. So, I chose Urban Engineering as my future field, keeping in mind that I will change my technology after one year. But, when I joined the Urban department, I realized the thing which I was looking for in the past. So I forgot my basic interest, (that is Civil engineering). I felt so much closeness to this field. I was happy, and the reason of my happiness was the devotedness of my batch fellows. The requirement of explaining this thing was that it is a fact of NED that anyone who enters this university, does not forget the starting days; the first year.

We entered as a stranger in this university. Thus we got hundred percent cooperation of our teachers.

In short, the main advantage of Change of Technology is to get the field of your interest, or the field which is currently in demand.


B The Disadvantages

Secondly, I want to shed some light on the disadvantages of COT. The real disadvantage of COT is the losing of our great and devoted friends. It is very difficult to leave these ‘real’ friends, but, because of our basic interest, and in view of our future carrier, we do leave them.

The other demerit of COT is that when we entered into the new department, we felt slight shyness, and could not adjust ourselves quickly. So the person who is interested in changing his technology must have an ability to bear all the comments coming from his ‘new’ class fellows. Sometimes, COT creates many problems for innocent, pious and gentle students. Hence the students of the relative department of COT wont give much importance to the COT students as he is holding on to his past. This creates many problems. That person cannot absorb his new environment, and the stress of this little thing affects his mind, his level of understanding.

COTians miss their past  days; their department, and their class fellows a lot. But adjustment into the new department is inevitable.


Waqas Naeem (right) with the editor of Urban Airs
2009 08 13 Pakistan Zindabad



In a nutshell, I want to suggest one thing to the students of first year: Think a hundred times before you take this decision. And once the decision is made, stand by it as one man.

Thanks a lot for reading through my article and finding it important.

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Hafiz Waqas Naeem

Hafiz Waqas Naeem is a student of third year Civil Engineering. He has changed his technology from Urban Engineering in 2009.

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  1. thnx for telling us so much about COT ....

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