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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pavement Performance Prediction Modeling using Material Characterization

Written by | Madiha Zaidi



Upper region quarryDevelopment of pavements reflects the rigidity in the planning and betterment of infrastructure in a town. The performance prediction model not only helps in generating information regarding behavior and life but also suggest life expectancy of the pavement. These models are the inputs of pavement management systems which helps in construction and rehabilitation of the pavement structure.

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Crusher for upper region quarryThis research presents the concepts, techniques and applications of aggregate characterization as a first step in the construction industry of Pakistan. The following are the conclusions drawn from the study:

1. It is found that color and surface condition projects the major variability in the rocks of Hub naddi and it should form the basis for sampling towards aggregate characterization.

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Testing machine SideviewThis project recommends the following activities that need to be done in future:

1. Development of a comprehensive database for the coarse and fine aggregate of Karachi which include the information regarding the source, crushing plant processing and properties in order to use the aggregates with respect to its suitability.

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About the author

Madiha Zaidi

Madiha Zaidi is currently teaching at the NED university’s Urban Engineering Department. She is also doing research and publication, and material testing.

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