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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Syeda Mediha Zaidi



Why Urban Engineering
Why did you choose Urban Engineering?

I felt it is specialized Civil Engineering, and it seemed to be a new direction of engineering. Civil department has conducted seminars to make it well known for the beginners.

about job

About Job

Job description

Lecturer, Department of Urban & Infrastructure Engineering, NEDUET.

  • Teaching.
  • Research and publication.
  • Material testing.
Future of Urban Engineering
What is the future of Urban Engineering in your view?

Provide innovative idea for maintenance and rehabilitation work. It has a versatile course content which can help in management.


Are you satisfied as an Urban Engineer?

Hmm…As time lapsed, I have explored much of my area of interest. I am quite aware of my way in this engineering.


Would you suggest in-coming students to take Urban Engineering?

Well, that depends on their interest. Being an Urban Engineering, I am not consistent to boost others on my way, but, it is really a different field, and the market needs the graduates of Urban.



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