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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Final Year

Written by | Saad Shahid

A great experience and a dream  which every student has when he enters the University. Dreams do not always come true; some of my classmates left us because of University policy, Year back! Some of them are still with us.

First year student: When would I be in final year? Would I be able to reach that stage? Supplies are a part of life.

Second year student: Hey, I have reached second year. Now I feel I would be able to survive in this university.

Third year student: Internship. What is this thing? Am I doing engineering? How would I do it? An engineer is under construction.

Final year student: Finally, I am on the road to success. Should I study or enjoy?  No, I have to boost my grades, but it is the final period of university life; in no way is it returning. Well, I have to select a project which is the requirement of Final year. It carries 200 marks. Time passes so quickly that summer vacations arrive, and then there are exams.

Saad_ShahidAbout the Author
Saad Shahid is currently a Final Year student in Urban Engineering. He is also the editor of this blog. His Final Year project was “Transport Fare Study for buses in Karachi city”.

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  1. Its like taking a bitter sweet pill,YOU would be feeling good about emanicipation from constant stress of studies and grades etc, but then you would also miss all the time spent with people in university whether its your friends or otherwise!
    I have just 1 semester left,just few months... dont know what would happen after that!


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