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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ashar Ahmed

2001-2002 (The First One)


Why Urban Engineering
Why did you choose Urban Engineering?

I was admitted in B.E. Civil. My batch was given an option to go for Urban Engineering. I opted in as I am fond of experiencing and expanding new horizons. I experimented upon myself, and got delighted in the end!

about job

About Job

Job description

Assistant Professor.

  • Teaching surveying II. Traffic Engineering and Urban Mass transportation.
  • Class coordinator of SE Urban.
Future of Urban Engineering
What is the future of Urban Engineering in your view?

I see Urban Engineers capturing the field of Transportation in all respects.


Are you satisfied as an Urban Engineer?

Yes, it has given all the knowledge I need to excel in my field at the Undergraduate level. In my job interviews, I have beaten people with my knowledge who even had their Masters in Transportation.

Would you suggest in-coming students to take Urban Engineering?

Of course, this is a very promising descipline.




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