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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Second Year Practicals

Written by | Syed Ubaid Ullah
Well, if you guys haven’t forgotten about the practicals of FE Urban then it’s easy to guide you for the practicals of second year. I would like to classify the subjects according to their severity. It will be better to classify in three rather than in two.

Category 1

The toughest subjects are listed here. You will be asked to perform these ones in the finals.
  • Introduction to transportation (ITP).
  • Mechanics of solid (MOS).
  • Introduction to computing (ITC).
  • Geology (this one depends upon your teacher).
How to Score and Pass?
ITP will be a headache, to deal with it you should make notes of each practical the reason is that the workbook is too much, just note the procedure and that would be enough. MOS depends upon workbook and concepts. ITC is a real problem, if you want to get good marks try to keep up with the course book “byte by byte” is the perfect solution. Last one geology depends upon the teacher if the teacher is strict then you are doomed, marks in geology’s practical can be gained by “rote learning” and cheating which is not guaranteed to help you.


Category 2 

The subjects of this category are of a bit concern but they are relatively easy and require only a bit of attention. You would not be asked to perform these ones.
  • Fluid mechanics (FM).
  • Surveying.
How to Score and Pass?
Pay attention during the class. For surveying you would be asked to write the equations from work book and lectures. For FM don’t forget to read the work book thoroughly, if you want to score good numbers, because you’ll be asked from the work book mostly.


Category 3

These are the easiest one of all. You can score good marks without any extra efforts. No performance.
  • Urban sociology.
  • Engineering Drawing and Drafting (ED).
How to Score and Pass?
It’s pretty simple if you ask me you would have to pay attention in the class and that’s all but this is only limited to ED, you are free to enjoy during the sociology lectures, but it’ll cost you your sessionals.

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Syed Ubaid Ullah
Syed Ubaid Ullah is a student of third year Urban Engineering. He secured the second position in his second year examinations.

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