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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Madiha Abid



Why Urban Engineering
Why did you choose Urban Engineering?

Well, I was enrolled in particular field according to merit, but after one year, I got a chance for change of descipline, but I refused. This was because Urban Engineering has a charm of construction and management, and rehabilitation too. All this attracted me to choose this field.

about job

About Job

Job description


  • Research work
  • Teaching

Future of Urban Engineering
What is the future of Urban Engineering in your view?

Definitely, the future of Urban Engineering will be bright, specially if we focus more on our weaknesses, strengthen Structure point of view and add value in the management areas.


Are you satisfied as an Urban Engineer?

Yes, I am satisfied as an Urban Engineer.


Would you suggest in-coming students to take Urban Engineering?

I suggest in-coming students that Urban Engineering should become the priority of students, rather than being forcefully entered.


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