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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Muhammad Umer



Why Urban Engineering
Why did you choose Urban Engineering?

At the time of admission, right in first year engineering, I was very fortunate to have expert guidance and advice of many teachers of the department of Civil Engineering (back then) which administered Urban Engineering as well. Their views and explanations of the degree and probable job markets compelled me to opt for Urban Engineering.


about job

About Job

Job description


  • Teaching assignment
  • Project support.
Future of Urban Engineering
What is the future of Urban Engineering in your view?

Urban Engineering is a very vast field incorporating various specific fields of engineering. Urban Engineering graduates are excelling at various fields such as Engineering Management, Transportation, Structures, and not to leave out, Doctorates.


Are you satisfied as an Urban Engineer?

Yes, I am extremely satisfied with Urban Engineering. Firstly, because the degree has provided me various opportunities of work in several engineering areas, further the degree has allowed me to pursue my further studies without hesitation or hurdle.

Would you suggest in-coming students to take Urban Engineering?

Yes, I would surely suggest incoming students to take Urban engineering because of the fact that we are observing that most of the jobs worldwide want their job description are for infrastructure engineers, where he/she is working as a combination of Municipal engineer, Civil engineer, environmental engineer, architect and in our feeling Urban Engineer, which we refer it, but in many developed countries, they are referred to as infrastructure Engineers.




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