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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mechanics of Solid Paper

Written by | Ali Mushtaq
Mechanics of Solid is one of the most difficult subject in SE Urban Engineering. If you are not serious, this paper would give you a terrible exam day.

In the exam, there is no choice to skip any topic.

Firstly, you have to strengthen your shear and bending moment concepts. This is the most important topic in Solid Mechanics(MOS). If you have good skills in Shear and Bending Moment, you can easily understand Flexure Stress and Shear stress, which in turn is another important topic.
Torsion, Shearing and Bearing stresses, Thin and Thick wall cylinders. I think that these are not a difficult topic, as compared to the dizzying Flexure and Shear stress concepts.
Mohr Circle would cover at least 16 marks question in the exam. It is not a difficult question.
I feel that Columns is one of the most easy topic in MOS. This would also cover your 16 marks.

About the Author
Ali Mushtaq is a Second Year student in Urban Engineering. He is also the editor of this blog. 

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