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About Urban Airs

Urban Airs



Urban Airs is an atmosphere designed for Urban Engineers. It shall bring under one roof an exciting blend of information, departmental happenings, projects, tutorials, and all things urban.





Mission Statement

“With Urban Airs, we will bring centre stage, Urban Engineers, and Urban engineering.” Mission Statement

We start from humble beginnings, from home, NED University. We believe that we shall expand and evolve to become a universal entity, with contributions from people and institutions far far away; from the University of Massachusetts to Mehran University, Jamshoro. Our dream may seem out of reach and impossible today, but with the resources and focus we have, it seems like a step away.

Yes, indeed all this would require hard work, and most importantly, the two C’s: Commitment and cash.

For the time being, time is money.

Arif Samoon

(Editor in Chief, Urban Airs)

04 November, 2009.

Join Us

Join Us

Are you an Urban Engineer who always felt that his engineering creativity would never be in the limelight?  

You always had that prize winning idea, but never the right platform to showcase it!

The place is here, and the time is now: Come Join Us. Send us an e-mail, and we send you a Joining Letter inviting you to become a force in a journey the world would never forget. 




Eligibility Criteria

· Anyone with a bright idea for Urban Areas,

· Urban Engineers (duh!),

· Civil Engineers working in Urban Areas.


Certificates Accreditations (Pending)

· Class Advisor (Pending)

· Chairman of Department (Pending)

· Vice Chancellor, NED University (Pending)



great idea


Urban Airs was an idea of Usama Fareed executed by Arif Samoon. It is powered by Arificial Intelligence.



“Coming Soon”.